Sometimes a design simply cries out for the  look of embroidery. At Clown Co. we understand the need for superior quality  control and outstanding workmanship that comes with any embroidery project.

Clown Company will happily put their embroidery up against anyone in the industry. With  modern, fully automated equipment and true multi-thread computer-driven heads, quality results are reproduced consistently and economically.

As a result, when your design turns out so successful that you need another  production run, you can depend on the new run matching the previous one  precisely.

And, when you've got that really big order, Clown Company has two 4-head and two 6-heads embroidery machines that can get it done  quickly. So, whether it's Golf Caps, Polo Shirts, Sports Bags or Tour Jackets,  you will receive the fastest, most accurate and professional  embroidery service you've ever experienced.